I am usually the last to get the latest news, so let’s be honest and admit that this is not news at all. It is just news to me.

At my church, our pastor showed this very brief and concise video about Covenants. I was uber impressed. Come to find out, there are a whole slew of them on youtube. Okay, so I will stop typing because I know you want to go and check them out.

I am planning on watching all of them eventually.


2 Responses to “Eureka”

  1. Apple Hill Cottage Says:

    I love the Bible Project. And I’d never seen this one on covenants. Thanks for pointing me there. And blessings on all your new changes and challenges.

    • thegreatfish Says:

      The Bible Project is awesome. I love how they highlight and summarize in such an understandable way giving the ‘big picture.’ I am a global learner. Once I have the big picture, it is easier for me to have a place to store the details. Welcome to the Great Fish.

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