The things people do

Today I took a walk for the first time in a couple of weeks. Yes, my run walk training went directly down the drain. On the upside, it was a beautiful day. It will not be impossible to start again. It just wasn’t a run day; it was a walk day.

I saw something amazing. One of the expensive houses on Crescent Rim has a giant, and by giant I mean like fifteen feet tall and ten feet long,  ship with a three pirates and a bird up on top. It was not specific to Halloween. I said to myself, “Where was this ship on Sept. 19? I mean it would be perfect for Talk Like A Pirate Day. I should leave them a note with a request.

The other thing I saw was a satanic witch dog. It was a short, big,dark, mean-walking dog that would not look up, only down. No one has ever seen its face. No one who has lived to tell about it. It had a partner dog who looked pretty normal, for now anyway. Thankfully, they do not live on my street. Details withheld to protect them from gawkers.

I met one of my new neighbors who is quite wonderful. The SWD does not live anywhere near them. Don’t even think about it.

I also called to talk to the registrar about dropping out of school. She was one of the nicest university people ever. I have a few days left to get that done. Today, however, taking a walk took priority.

Autumn happiness.



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