Same Battle New Location


In a previous post my struggle with misophonia.  When people around me chew loudly, my stress reaction is somewhere on a continuum between smiling sweetly and serial killer.

I was at a meeting recently in which we had to take a diagnostic test. Every question had just two answers from which to choose. No context was given. Obviously the creator of the test wanted to pigeonhole each one of us based on his skewed and sick view of life. I was stressed from the very first question because of the dopey non answer choices.

I do not like being forced into a behavioral box. I could see it coming but I could not stop the train from crashing into it.

Then, the person next to me started to chew loudly. I felt like the croc in the photo. Please, God, let this be over.

I have only seen a fork used as a weapon one time, and it was not because of food noises.

Thankfully, there were no forks available.

Small mercies.



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