Skipping Out On Accountability


Accountability is overrated; it is useful and effective, but overrated.

I say this because I ate way too much Cutter’s dressing yesterday after we got home, and this morning I skipped my Weight Watchers meeting.

Generally, I only skip this meeting if I have worked the night before because sleep trumps weight loss.

If accountability were so incredibly virtuous and effective, I would have gone anyway so that I could have whatever horrible number came up on the scale recorded for posterity and spend the next week feeling lousy about actually enjoying food on a holiday.

Instead, I decided to just write it off. Thanksgiving is one day. I have been good for a really long time as far as eating wisely. I am back on the eating wisely bandwagon.

I saved myself ten bucks and a week of self recrimination.

I don’t have to overeat to enjoy myself anymore. In some ways being accountable is beneficial. I love getting those stickers when I lose another five pounds. I love hearing how everyone else is succeeding or learning (from their failures).  I just did not want to hear it today. I wanted the freedom to just do what I wanted when I wanted.

I am back on track today.



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