What You Do About What You Do


I love what I do; I am a psych nurse in a behavior unit. I work with the best possible team. Since I am new, every day the learning curve seems to head onward and upward. It can be stressful, but also rewarding.

I see people at their lowest, or if there has been a suicide attempt, right after their lowest. Sometimes people are really angry after a failed attempt because they do not want to live.

The great thing about that is that God says He lives among the lowly.

Okay, so now some of the Mega Theology Cerebral Types are freaking out that I am misusing that great Bible word, lowly.

I will put it another way. Jesus was never ashamed to hang with the down and out. He seemed to do most of his recruiting from that crowd. Who wants a female follower with seven demons?  Who would fight an incredible storm and risk losing His entire ministry team to visit the island of the Gadarene and turn him into a home missions chairman?

So many times in my work when I am talking to people who have faced unimaginable horrors, I can sense the presence of a God who cares more powerfully than I have ever experienced in any church service. It enables me to focus and speak to people with a compassion that I would not have otherwise.

It would be easy to get lost in that kind of thing, but I really think that no matter how rewarding a person’s job might be, that it is good to get away sometimes and not even think job thoughts for a few days.

I am going to do that soon. I am headed to a monastery. When I get back, I will tell you what it was like. And hopefully, I will have had some time away to regroup and come back ready to face the battle again, not that I am not falling apart or anything. I hope to make it my practice to get away for a couple days every six months as long as I have this job, an oil change for the soul.

I won’t be too spiritual. I am taking my new shark novel and lots of books in addition to my Bible.  And snack food. And new boots to go hiking. I am not sure how this works yet, but I intend to find out.


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