A Treeless Christmas

poinsettiasPutting up the tree did not happen at my house this year. It doesn’t matter why. We are taking a year off from something we have done for 36 years.

Instead I bought several $4 poinsettia plants from Walmart and an eighteen inch potted tree from the discount grocery store. I also put up a tiny fake tree with a single red bulb on top; it is about forty years old and traveled to my house from my father in law’s storage closet this summer.They all sit on the big open window sill that separates rooms with a string of white lights and a few candles.

My sister in law is very generous and brought us a huge poinsettia which is on a special table by the front door where the tree usually stands. The table has white lights and strings of red beads and candy canes on it.

The fireplace mantle has lots of candles and  a manger scene. It is a little unusual because it also has a dinosaur on it. My grandson who is two added it yesterday.

I put a Christmas tablecloth on the big dining room table. I kind of like doing something different this year.

We have so many Christmas traditions. Special cookies to bake. A special meal for Christmas Eve which won’t actually happen on Christmas Eve this year because no one can make it then; it will happen later. Cards to send. Gifts to buy and wrap.

There is something really peaceful about not having the tree this year.

Sometimes less is more. A lot more.


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