Blank Book

One of my husband’s favorite days of the year is December 21st because he love sunlight. 12/21 is the shortest day of the year. He feels that after 12/21 everything is looking up. I don’t love 12/21 as much as he does, but I do confess to feeling bummed every year on 6/21 because I realize every day from here on out will be shorter. I guess I have kind of a negative take on sunlight.

My favorite time of the year amounts to the days I spend trying to plan the new year, set priorities and this year, write a personal mission statement.

Months ago, I bought my new date book from Barnes and Noble and started putting in key dates.

This year I was going to buy one of these. The Pi Life Journal is blank with lots of space to fill in interesting things. However, it amounted to a spiral notebook for $20 and too much for shipping.

I am working on putting together things in my own binder to help keep me focused for the new year. I have no illusions that I would actually use the entire PIJ, so it would be a waste of money at half the price and free shipping.

The idea of life starting all over again is one that motivates me to consider circumspectly what I want to find in the new year.


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