The Mop Dream

Christmas was great fun.  My great SIL had us over for the Christmas Eve Traditional Norwegian dinner, and then I had to rush off to work. My kind hearted husband drove me down the big snow covered un-plowed, un-sanded hill in his pickup truck and picked me up from work the next morning as well.

The rest of us got together on the 27th and had another lefse/meatball/red jello/ cookie fest that is traditional for us and opened gifts again. It was great fun to see our two year old grandson rip off the wrapping paper and open gifts.

Our daughter Abby came home from Portland for five days for a surprise. It was a real surprise because I was planning on flying to see her on the 30th and she had to tell the secret to keep me from being in Portland while she was in Boise. Great minds think alike.

The Mop Dream is my desire to have a kitchen mop that I actually like. At one time, we mopped with a bucket and a sponge on our knees.  That worked well, but I am tired of it, and my knees don’t like it as much anymore. It also dries out my hands. (Whine, whine, whine.) Mops with a sponge on the end wear out fairly regularly and the sponge or the sponge attachment always changes so the stick is not worn out, but I have to replace it because none of the sponges fit on it anymore. This is a scheme by the mop manufacturers to sell more mops, I am sure.

My latest attempt to fulfill the mop dream was to buy the old fashioned string mop at a grocery store with a replacement head. It cleaned okay, but I threw it in the washer and dryer to clean it. It was a disaster. It was cheaply made and came apart all over the laundry, washer/dryer etc. I have one more head to use which I may as well throw away after using, and then I am back at square one.

I am thinking of getting a nice new big sponge, gloves and a pad for my knees like I use when I weed my garden. I think I will like it a lot better. The mop was just a dream after all.

Happy New Year!



2 Responses to “The Mop Dream”

  1. Apple Hill Cottage Says:

    I have a “quickie” mop that I like– available at Home Depot. The trick is to buy 5 replacement mop heads at the same time as buying the mop. (I just used my last one, so we’ll see– maybe this is just useless advice…) 🤑

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