Long, hard, horrible winter


Boise is breaking records for horrible weather this winter. It would not be so bad, except for the fact that since we usually have very mild winters, we are not equipped for terrible winters.

When I say we are not equipped, I mean, Nampa, Idaho, had to declare a state of emergency because two of their four snow plows did not work. Boise is not much better. Even the general populace does not own more than one snow shovel, if that, and it is rare for anyone to have a snow blower.

The city of Boise has kept the main thoroughfares open, but for days at a time, only people with big trucks or four wheel drive or big SUVs could get to them. The only reason the city has functioned at all for the last four weeks is that we are full of rednecks with big trucks and nature nuts with jeeps and four wheel drive.

Usually winter here starts after Thanksgiving sometime. It snows up at Bogus, the ski mountain, but not too much in the city. We can see the snow on the mountain. We can drive to it if we are missing snow, but we are not accustomed to giving our cars snow baths every day for a month, or freezing our patooties for weeks on end. Most of us do not miss snow. We enjoy living in a mountain desert. We are not an ugly desert like Phoenix, which is known for cactus, sand, rocks and cow skulls. Most of us actually have grass in the summer, well, irrigated grass, but not those stupid looking rock yards.

Winter generally ends in February. Everything is kind of crisp, but not frozen. I have not worn a real winter coat since I moved here in 1993. We have needed coats, boots, hats and gloves this year.

I got a great deal on a gym this year close to my home. An entire year’s membership for $99. I bought it just after Christmas. I had to work, then I flew to Portland for a few days. I have yet to see the inside of the gym because I was working quite a bit, but mostly because it was too hard to get there although it is close enough to walk to or to ride a bike to in the summer. I haven’t been able to drive my VW bug for weeks because it only has about six inches of clearance in the front and that simply will not cut it on the streets right now.

We have all been going stir crazy. I walked to Starbucks yesterday and had coffee with a dear friend. I felt meta-energized when I came home and reorganized my spices and my tea cabinet.

I found an article on Life Hacker that I thought might help my fellow Boiseans. Here it is. How to Get Through a Miserable Winter with the Danish Concept of Hygge. Enjoy!


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