On The Home Front

January is redolent of fresh starts, reorganization and planning for me. I love fresh starts,  reorganization and planning. I have been toying with buying myself a Pi Journal even though I may not get it before most of January is gone. The day is young. It could happen.

House decluttering does not just happen. It is a force acting on a weak mind that sets it in motion. If you are looking for such a force, I recommend Apartment Therapy’s January Cure. They will send you an email a day to help you gently work through your mass of stuff in an encouraging way to prod you on the task. You can join it here.  An added benefit, if you do not really want to reorganize your house, is that the link has a really cute Corgie photo on it. It is worth it just for that.

Another way to have your best year ever if to head over to the Living Well Blog for How to Plan Your Best Year Ever. I don’t know about you, but I have had some years that I would rather forget in my life, and the prospect of my best year ever encourages me. You can check it out here.

While net surfing last night while my husband watched something that did not pique my interest, I found some advice for getting sleep. Who doesn’t want help with sleep these days? Before you say, I would never listen to that woman, listen anyway. (I have known a few conservatives who would never ever read the Huffington Post etc., but this woman has some great ideas on sleep.) Read this interview to find some of the best advice.

Okay, and your soul needs some help? I have been listening to John Ortberg on Soul Keeping. I am too cheap to buy his book. Sometimes it is better to listen anyway. There are a few videos on Youtube. Worth the time.

If you feel especially shallow, and just want to read about things like this, and not actually have to do anything, but still have something to talk about  with people who are doing things, I recommend Life Hacker. Brief and shallow. Go for it.

Have the best year ever. No, really. Or just keep busy. Either one. Don’t just sit there like a bump on the planet.



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