Powell’s Bookstore Surprise

Having just about completed digging out after Christmas, both inside and outside of the house, I was going through the ephemera one gathers on a trip and found my map to Powell’s Bookstore in Portland. I was thinking that I should send the cool paper bag with handles and the map as a gift to one of my Portland-deprived relatives in Minnesota, when, “Eureka!” I discovered a cool poster on the flip side of the map which is even now at the store awaiting framing. Other customers in the store expressed that they wished that they had a Powell’s poster to frame. Even the clerk, with her B.A. in Illustration, expressed how much she liked the poster, and started explaining in three point paragraphs why it received her artistic approval. Unfortunately, the person who actually frames things is on vacation, so in two weeks or so, I will have a great framed poster from Powell’s Bookstore with the byline, “Adventures Awaits.” It is also available as a magnet. You can buy it here. The magnet, that is. I think you have to go to the store to get the poster/map.


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