2017, A Smart Year


Earlier this year I wanted to buy a Pi Journal which helps with goal setting, motivation and year planning. I opted not to do that because it was $20 plus shipping. However, I have not given up my idea of actually planning to have a good year with SMART goals. I have spent quite a few hours investigating a relatively simple concept. I ended up with goals in every area of my life. I felt overwhelmed by this.

Today I read a blog by this guy from Zen habits, and he suggested having just one smart goal at a time. He is at the opposite end of the my extremely neurotic planning. This could be why he has a gazillion followers and I have a handful. No one follows neurotic over-planners anymore. No respect.

This gracious Jewish lady had a great idea about how to handle multiple smart goals that involve organizing and de-cluttering various places in your house, and how not to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the job. I wanted to buy her coffee.

In the end, I just have two goals this year and the whole house thing which I am counting as number three even though it is a ton of work. Additionally, I may buy a $20 coffee grinder. I am having a really difficult time making that decision.

To buy or not to buy.

Somewhere along the line, I came up with a statement of purpose to bring clarity for my life. Unfortunately for me, it does not mention coffee anywhere. I generally drink one of the 20 or so teas in my cabinet, but sometimes when I have to go work a twelve hour night shift and I am still tired from the last one, I really need coffee. This whole decision is further complicated by the fact that I live about three minutes from a drive thru Starbucks and I drive right by a Dutch Brothers Coffee (infinitely better soy mochas) on the way to work. And then there is the grinder itself. I will be using a French Press, so should I get the burr grinder which is really more suited for using with a French Press? And if I do get a burr grinder, which one? Cheap or expensive? I feel so stressed. I may have to move the coffee SMART goal to 2018, and stick with the big three, or else I would need to write a new statement of purpose that includes coffee in it somewhere. You do not want to know how much time I have spent cruising around web sites looking at coffee grinder commentary.


Maybe I am setting myself up for defeat with the coffee so that I really do not have to work on the other goals. I will figure this out. Eventually.

I wonder how the President’s first day went. He probably has people make all of the coffee decisions for him. Once you get past that it’s easy.



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