First SMART Goal Accomplished Almost


I know you are dying to know.

My first smart goal was:

S: Make awesome coffee at home for myself with a French press

M: It will taste great to me, not average, and this feat will be able to be repeated.

A: Yes, I am in charge of it, and I can be pleased.

R: Pick out a grinder that will coarse even grind beans. (What a French press requires)

T: Within two weeks. 2/6/17

As I said before, I spent literally hours searching for and looking at grinders on line. Every time I was on the verge of a decision, there would be a bunch of bad reviews or the price would be too high for something that I do not use everyday. I wanted a smallish grinder at a reasonable price with a grind that could be adjusted.

I decided to give up believing that I could find what I wanted, and do what other people do: go to Bed, Bath and Beyond and buy/order something that was not what I really wanted for more than I wanted to pay.

On the way, a block from my house, I spotted a brand new second hand store. they had three of them. One was the exact BBB model from Krups for $1.99 which I did not really want. I found a different grinder which was not on any of the sites I visited which had adjustable grind, was still in the original box with the instructions for $2.99. They even plugged it in for me to show me that the motor was good. Sold.

They also had a cool glass jar with a cool lid for $1.00. I bought it to store my beans.

Next, I went to my grocery store and bought my favorite beans, Hazelnut with a light roast. I would make the coffee right now, but it is 10 p.m. and I want to sleep tonight. All I have left to do is actually make and like the coffee twice.

The date part of the SMART goal really does kind of kick you in the pants to get in motion and do something. I think that I often get hung up on the part where things are not falling together and I believed that the grinder I wanted did not exist and so I was ready to quit the hunt. I guess that a good part of life is just keeping in motion until what you are looking for can find its way to you, and you to it. That must be why SMART goals work so well.

Like Jesus said about seeking. He was right. Maybe there is hope for some of my other impossible goals as well, if I don’t give up.


One Response to “First SMART Goal Accomplished Almost”

  1. Apple Hill Cottage Says:

    I had to go back and read your post on smart goals; somehow i missed it and it made me laugh.
    So we use exclusively French pressed coffee. Every couple of weeks I ask my husband–who makes it– are you sure you don’t want a set in the evening automatic coffee maker? He says no. He doesn’t mind. I’m glad you got the right grinder. May it last you well. 😀

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