Best Netflix Series


I confess that I seldom watch actual television, but I do watch Netflix due to the generosity of our son and his wife. I have wasted a lot of time watching Netflix, but I have enjoyed wasting the time. It has not been totally without merit because sometimes I watch Netflix and play Solitaire simultaneously, so there is that.

As long as I am making this awkward non-attempt at soul cleansing, I will continue and say that I have seen pretty much every episode of NCIS at least once, and many twice. I have seen every episode of House. I tend to find one series that I like and just watch all of it.

I have to say that NCIS was much better before the female Ninja, Ziva David, left the show. For some reason, she always reminded me of my youngest daughter, who looks absolutely nothing like her since she is fair, blue eyed and strawberry blonde, but the female Ninja who is afraid of nothing, physically fit and emotionally intelligent fits both. Ziva is from Israel and speaks Hebrew, English and several other languages. Abby speaks English, Hebrew and Greek. See, they do have things in common.

Okay, so my latest binge watch, if you will, I found while I was searching for House Hunters International. HHI does not appear to be on Netflix anymore. I should have watched it when it was on, but I was busy with NCIS and then, House, so don’t look at me like I was not working hard at doing not much. I worked diligently at worthless pursuits. It is just that my timing was off.

At any rate, the new and fantastic series, which feels almost like being a traveling voyeur, is called Hidden Houses. It has only two seasons, I think, so I may finish it quickly since I am only working FT and not working FT and going to school again like I will be in August. (I am trying not to think about this.)

Hidden Houses is the trip to Wales that you have wanted and could never afford. A man who looks like Engelbert Humperdink and is a little (I can’t think of a nice word for arrogant that doesn’t sound like a put down.) arrogant, but asks good questions and has an amazing car. He travels around and showcases awesome houses that you would never see just living in Boise, Idaho. Each time I watch it, I feel like I just got to experience the dream of travel and history and the UK (Is Wales part of the UK? I do not actually know.)without leaving my living room.

I highly recommend it even though I am only on show #3.


P.S. This is a random photo, not from the show.


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