Seal Team Six


I joined a gym and have actually started going. I also joined Weight Watchers. I have about 80 pounds to lose. This is my Smart Goal for the year. I realize that it is entirely possible to take more than a year to reach my goal, but it is time for this to be my primary goal. That does not make it easy. It is actually rather daunting. I have started on the treadmill, and I have been reading while I am treading.

My second book is Seal Team Six. It makes my goal of losing 80 pounds look like really small potatoes. I am only part of the way through the book, but I found a paragraph that is rather stellar if you have a daunting goal for the year like me.

Wasdin was explaining how he made it through Hell Week.

“Deprived of support in our environment and the support of our own bodies, the only thing propping us up was our belief in accomplishing the mission — complete Hell Week. In psychology this belief is called self-efficacy. Even when the mission seems impossible, it is the strength of our belief that makes success possible. The absence of this belief guarantees failure. A strong belief in the mission fuels our ability to focus, put forth effort, and persist. Believing allows us to see the goal (complete Hell Week) and break the goal down into more manageable objectives (one evolution at a time). If the evolution is a boat race, it can be broken down into even smaller objectives such as paddling. Believing allows us to seek out strategies to accomplish the objectives, such as using the larger shoulder muscles to paddle rather than the smaller forearm muscles. Then, when the race is done, move on to the next evolution. Thinking too much about what happened and what is about to happen will wear you down. Live in the moment and take it one step at a time.”


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