stuff and more stuff


In addition to trying to get on top of the paper organizational disaster at my house, I am trying to figure out if I need to completely overhaul how I look at stuff in general.

My issues with stuff tend to be cyclical.

  1. I need something.
  2. I obtain way too much stuff to meet that need and lots of extraneous stuff that I discovered because it is sort or related and interesting.. This is using a tank to shoot at a target nailed to the best tree in your backyard (I probably have too many metaphors too.).
  3. I buy containers and graph paper notebooks in a misguided effort to organize all of the stuff.
  4. I spend days and hours organizing all of the stuff until I am perfectly satisfied.
  5. I wonder why I have all of this stuff that I do not use.
  6. I buy and read books on organization and saving money and de-cluttering.

Initially, I organized things that we actually needed to keep such as hand me down clothes and textbooks for our home school and photographs in completely chronological order with names and dates on the back side. I am the person who runs as fast as she can to the edge of the OCD/neurosis cliff and stops just before leaping to her death.

However, I have a hard time getting rid of stuff.

I still have basically all of the stuffed animals from all three of my children. No, seriously. One day, I got them all out and sat them on the floor and told the kids, who were all past high school, to pick out their 2 or 3 favorites (which I planned to save for their kids) and I would donate all of the rest of them somewhere. It was kind of a Marie Kondo move (Which stuffed animal brings you real joy?).

Dutifully, each one humored me. The kids really were not attached to any of them.

I could not get rid of the remaining stuffed animals. They all held so many memories. I felt crushed. This is so stupid that it is embarrassing to say it. It is now ten years later. We still have all of them. We have a grandson who is two. Sometimes he plays with a few of them, but mostly not.

If I had a small house, this would not be an issue because there would simply not be room for all of this overflow. I have a large house. It has tons of storage. I am the only woman in America who complains that she has too much storage.

The real problem is not the stuff or the storage. It is having this guilty emotional attachment to things. I want to embrace a simpler life and become a minimalist, but no one told my emotional self, the one that wants to hang onto everything and thereby stay connected to the past, the years when our awesome kiddos were here all the time entertaining us.

Jesus said that a person’s life does not consist in the abundance of his or her possessions.

Modern youtube prophets tell us that life editing will give us more freedom and more time. Less equals more. We can make room for the good stuff in our lives which may not actually even be stuff, but experiences or travel.

Why am I so far from where I want to be?

The answer is that I am just kind of thwacky, but aren’t the Corgis cute?



3 Responses to “stuff and more stuff”

  1. Apple Hill Cottage Says:

    Love those dogs!
    Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster.
    Just wait until you move….

  2. thegreatfish Says:

    They are adorable. I have read that once. I will have to read it again. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. RobbyeFaye Says:

    Oh, my, I can relate. I inherited a lot of things when my parents and several great-Aunts passed away. I don’t really need 99 percent of the things, but it hurts my heart to let go.

    I’m currently trying to get rid of as much as possible, it’s a daunting task!

    I know that I can’t take it with me, so now I’m trying to exercise that knowledge.

    Good luck with your “purge”.

    Cute Corgis!


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