The Edge Brewery-Boise Idaho


We headed out to dinner on Saturday night at 6 pm. When we got to where we intended to go, it was so busy that we would have had to walk about 1 1/2 blocks in the dripping rain to get there. It was a no go.

We headed to the Edge Brewery, located in an office/industrial park and parked right in front. It has painted concrete floors, walls painted with decor that looks like the window painter at a grocery store did the work and high stools at high round tables. We are not into fancy decor. It looked absolutely fine to us.

Our waitress came to take our order and then left because she told us that she did not have a pen.

We waited for her to return. And waited.

We ordered off the menu and waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And then we waited some more.

The waitress refilled my soda One Time. We continued waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.

I realize that we ordered very complex things: a Caesar salad with chicken and Macaroni and Cheese with a side Caesar salad.

The waitress asked if I wanted the salad before the entree. “Yes, please,” I said. We waited and waited and waited and waited some more.

Eventually my salad came. The side Caesar salad really was not identifiable as a Caesar salad because of the lack of Caesar dressing on it. I could be wrong, but I thought that was a mainstay of Caesar salad. My bad.

And then, to my surprise, the only fast thing of the entire night, my entree was delivered about two and a half minutes after the salad. During all of that waiting time, I could have been eating salad. One would think so.

The Chicken Caesar salad had very little chicken in it. The Macaroni and cheese was quite wonderful, cheesy and gooey wonderfulness on a plate with fantastic bacon. Gee, it would have been nice to have had a spoon, but I had things to do the next day. A fork would have to do.

When we finished, and I was pretty much out of soda before we finished, we waited and waited and waited for our waitress to bring us the bill. I jokingly said to my husband that it would take thirty minutes to pay for dinner.  Eventually she came, and picked up the bill, but first she took all of the orders for a party of six.

I am not kidding. It took her another half hour to bring the check back to us, even after taking the orders of the party of six.

Dear Edge Brewery, you have great mac and cheese, you need some great waitresses.




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