Post Mortem Teas


It dawned on me a few months ago that certain teas remind me of certain people, people who are no longer with us.

My mom’s favorite tea was Constant Comment. For some reason, she would buy the cheapest most horrendous tea from the Dollar Store, but she loved Constant Comment. I would send it to her in the mail.

My mentor, Dottie, loved great black tea. She usually purchased Red Rose black tea, which packages little sculptures in the box. It is a very tasty tea with cream and sugar. We met weekly to pray and talk and drink tea. After Dottie passed away, one of her daughters gave me a tin of loose tea from London that had been Dottie’s. I still have it. I didn’t have the heart to use it. Fortnum and Mason, Royal Tea Blend. I guess she was saving it for something special.

My Grandma Hillia took me to visit near-relatives one time, and I was allowed to try Green Tea, about 45 years before Green Tea was something anyone who had not been to the Orient had heard of. It made me feel terribly grown up and important which she encouraged. Her input probably put me on the road to being a life time tea drinker.

My Grandma Weest was a coffee drinker, but she kept tea for me. I am guessing that it was just black tea from A & P where she shopped. Grandma would have my cousin, Betty, and me over for a few days. At least one of those days, she would set the table and have coffee for Betty and tea for me. We were treated with honor as if we were grown ups. We were actually about 8 or 10. When we were grown up, we never got to do this with her. We would stop in to visit, but we never actually made it together, and we would sit and talk but without the tea or coffee. Grandma had a great sense of timing. When she did what she did, she made memories that lasted for decades. Honor has a peculiar way of being remembered.

When I am really missing them, I drink their tea. The fragrance stirs up memories. When I am gone, drink Bigelow’s Earl Grey Tea and think of me.



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