The Connection


Probably because I have been drinking tea since I was a child, tea brings comfort to me.

Tea stimulates so many neural connections that just the fragrance, or even the sight of boxes of tea at my discount grocery store, warms my heart.

This weekend I was making a large pot of tea and my kettle handle disconnected from the pot. I asked my husband to use his man strength and bend it back, and it broke. He has a lot of man strength.

My search for a new tea kettle started on line.

I decided that I knew what I wanted and headed to a housewares store to buy it so that I would not have to wait for it to be shipped. To my surprise, the kettle was only available online. The store ordered it for me, gave me discount coupon to use on it, and promised me that it would arrive at my house within five business days.

Five days is a long time for one to be without tea.

I dragged the forlorn broken pot out of the recycling bin. It is limping along this week. And so am I. Tea is not life, but tea brings a special kind of indefinable beauty into an ordinary life.

Waiting for the return of everyday utility and beauty.

It reminds me of Martin Luther. I was going to use a ML quote here, and when I went to look for it, I found so many that I loved and none were what I was looking for.

I will end with this one: “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.”
Martin Luther


2 Responses to “The Connection”

  1. Apple Hill Cottage Says:

    Oh I’ve never heard that quote — and from Martin Luther no less! I’ve been waffling about whether to keep on with my writing projects or whether I should be doing something more useful or productive…
    I’m going to take this as a small sign. Thank you. 🙂

  2. thegreatfish Says:

    I am glad it encouraged you. I don’t know if my writing will ever change the world. It is just something I do because I am a writer. Kind of like Dory saying, “Just keep swimming.”

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