Suicide and Cat Therapy


I worked last night and came home to sleep this morning, but I could only sleep until noon. I needed to attend a work related class for emergencies.

As a psych RN, I work with a lot of depressed people, and many are suicidal.

There are all different levels of suicidality. Some people feel safe when pretty much everything a person could use to commit suicide has been removed from the premises. Some people are compelled to go the extra mile and try to find a way anyway. I am not going to elucidate you on the ways still available in a safe and observedĀ and guarded environment, but it is still theoretically possible to slip through the cracks, albeit only briefly.

Today I took a class on what to do when one discovers a person who has hung himself or herself. In our reenactment, it was my job to hold the body while others cut it down. I wasn’t very good at it. I learned how to be good at it. I will leave it at that.

After the class, I could not go home and go back to sleep. Instead I went to the pet store.

In the back of the store is an area maintained by the local humane society with two walls of cages in a small room with a sofa. People can choose and adopt cats. People like me who cannot own a cat can sit down and hold a cat on your lap and pet it for as long as you and the cat find this a happy arrangement. I call it Cat Therapy.

Silly me. I work a navy blue long sleeved t shirt and black pants. I am furry now. A cat named Twinkie or Wrinkles or something like that is not as furry as he once was. And I was able to leave something in that room as well.





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