Critiquing Books


I am trying out for the role of being in charge of the patient library at work. Mostly, it involves helping by looking at the books that come in as donations and deciding if they are appropriate books for psych patients. I just judged my first box of books and turned them in. Waiting to hear how I did.

Of course, my husband’s saying about me is true: left unchecked, I can organize any activity right to its death. I tend to over analyze, over think and over plan. My dept. head kind of inferred that when I told her about the form  I created, and the parameters that I was using.

In the end, I used my dept. head’s criteria, along with Amazon and Wikipedia to look at book reviews to get the gist of each book and make a judgment call. It was easier than trying to read enough of each book to decide, although I did peruse each book.

I still used my forms. Once I got over taking it way too seriously, it was actually fun.

A lot of insipid fiction sells quite well in America.

We are what we eat.




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