Feeling Exhausted/Lent


It is Lent.

I am feeling exhausted in many ways.

Yes, pretty much that.

I am sorry for being so uninspired lately, even cranky and off base. I deleted the snarky Target posts.

This Lent, I didn’t give anything up in the traditional way.

I decided to try to revisit the same Bible verse everyday for forty days.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit for the kingdom of heaven is theirs.”

Honestly, I do not really get this verse, but I can tell you that I am spiritually kind of exhausted and dead. I decided to just spend some time seeing if there were any answers, just waiting on God.

Today, I found out that I was really misinterpreting the verse. The poor in spirit part means people who do not trust in their own resources, but in God’s ability.

When we recognize our own inability to perform, to achieve, or to whatever, but instead depend on God, it makes room for Him to show Himself strong on our behalf.

I still have a ton of really terrible attitudes that need correction. I am no doubt, at least in the eyes of my Reformed friends/relatives, a doctrinal disaster. (Don’t hold your breath; I always will be.)

No one always has great attitudes. No one has all the right doctrine in the world, even those who believe that they do.

This verse just gives me hope that no matter what, God is there for me.

Hope can be a really big deal.




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