Soul Keeping


On Sunday afternoon, I started to feel really tired. I took a nap that lasted for several hours. When I woke up, I moved to the sofa and suddenly had zero energy. Not long after that, the chills started. My husband brought me afghans. I felt totally miserable. Not long after that, I became close friend with Mr. Toilet.

The really hard thing was that I felt helpless and hopeless, kind of like one of those beach balls with a slow leak. I had no interior bounce back.

I asked a good friend to pray for me.

Today in the mail a book arrived (I buy too many books to buy them all new or at retail), Soul Keeping – Caring for the Most Important Part of You by John Ortberg who has an M Div and a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

(True confession: I read a little bit of it, but mostly I called in sick to work and binge watched movies that I had already seen like The Fugitive, Two Weeks Notice, Hunt for Red October and Jurassic Park.  Okay, the funny thing about binge watching already watched movies is that you notice things. Things like Sam Neill is in Hunt for Red October and Jurassic Park. Julianne Moore has a starring role in The Lost World (Jurassic Park 3) and a small role in The Fugitive. I was so sick that I kept fading in and out, falling asleep and waking up.)

When I am really sick, nothing will do but carbonated beverages and salty things like Lays potato chips. I know I am really weird. I think the salt helps me to retain some electrolytes. My husband brought me Lays when he came home from work.

I just had no energy to do anything today, but from all of the fever and sweating and etc., I could not stand my own odor. Tonight I soaked in the tub with a Lush bath bomb and read my new book. I had to keep refilling the tub to keep the water warm. It was an aqua blue bath bomb so I could imagine that I was in the Caribbean where I have never visited.

I feel a little better. Still working on the soul thing, but no longer quite so depressed. My soul must have needed to refocus and catch up on sleep deficit as well, so if I had to be sick this was a good time for it. I am so glad that I have friends who will pray for me. That must be part of soul keeping as well.




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