Oh Kentucky

jp basketball

It was reminiscent of watching Larry Bird vs Magic Johnson in 1979. I am so sorry Kentucky. You deserved to win the NCAA.

I am doing the only mature, adult, intelligent thing in response to this disappointment. I am watching The Lost World: Jurassic Park for the umpteenth time. Strange comfort, I know.

I started watching the Jurassic Park movies one semester when I was taking Ethics on line and Medical Terminology in person with the one of the world’s worst instructors. (Top Ten List). Every week we had to do pages and pages of repetitive homework. He made what could have been an utterly fascinating class into something worthless. At any rate, while completing the homework I just kept listening to the DVDs over and over each week, pretty much for an entire semester.

For some reason, I default to JP movies when I feel disappointed. Maybe their giant problems involving death and gore always make me feel that whatever I am experiencing is pretty petty although my life is real and the movies are just Hollywood.

I am that shallow.



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