Best Case Scenario For a Day Off

  1. time-fliesFirst of all, I get to sleep in until I wake up with no alarm and no noise from the neighbors. The tea is black and hot with half and half and a teaspoon of sugar. I have my favorite Bible.
  2. There is no scheduled activity anywhere in the day. No guilt.
  3. The weather is conducive to outdoor activity. It can even be rainy, as long as I can get out. I have comfortable walking shoes.
  4. I am in possession of books that I want to read, not books that I must read.
  5. I have a bath bomb from Lush, a clean tub and a CD of the ocean.
  6. I am able to walk for miles and meditate on a favorite verse.
  7. I have time to regroup, plan and organize if I want. Of course, this also means ordering books online not from the tub, of course, and I have a discount coupon.

2 Responses to “Best Case Scenario For a Day Off”

  1. Apple Hill Cottage Says:

    No scheduled activity?
    You must live in an alternate universe šŸ˜€

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