The Week in Review: Dead Peonies


I can sum up my week in just a few words: it was awful.

I am used to working nights. Night shift is a world unto itself. If you have ever worked nights, you understand that it has a different rhythm than days. This week, I worked Friday and Saturday night. I only slept about 3 hours on Saturday before going in for the night shift. I was shot. I had Sunday off, but had to sleep instead of going to church.

Did I mention that the basement flooded again on Saturday night while I was at work? And on Sunday we had 50 mph winds and a huge branch fell in our backyard.

I worked evenings from Monday through Thursday. I saw my husband early on Monday and not again until Friday evening. Changing shifts felt like starting an entirely new job. Here is how I spell new job: STRESS.

Sometime during Monday to Thursday, my dryer broke. The repairman did not show up when he said he would and my husband did not have time to wait for him.

I dried my scrubs by hanging them on the rack and aiming a fan at them. By the end of the week, I had worked six shifts (2 noc and 4 evening) in seven days. I was weary.

I cannot tell you anything else about work because that is all private info. I will say it was a difficult week for a whole lot of reasons.

My new peony bush died.

The thing that made everything worse was that I could not seem to quit complaining about it, about working evenings. Everything I know about Bible history tells me that if there is one thing that God really, really does not like, it is complaining. So, on top of having a really yucky week, I knew that I was pretty much disobeying God in the Promised Land.

I want to start this week over differently. I am going to list some good things from the week.

  1. My husband fixed the dryer himself. By the end of the week, I had a real working dryer.
  2. I had leftover homemade mac n cheese in the freezer to heat up for lunch.
  3. I was extremely worried about my husband’s physical health, and I got an encouraging report on Friday.
  4. I had the opportunity to babysit for my grand kids on Friday night. They were adorable.
  5. Our grandson came over to see us again on Saturday morning.
  6. I got in a lot of morning walks this last week which I wanted to do to help me get in shape.
  7. I have a job.
  8. I have great coworkers.
  9. I love what I do.
  10. I am paid generously.
  11. My work is a short drive from my home.
  12. I didn’t get sick. (Although I had a headache just about all day today despite Ibuprofen.)
  13. The branch did not hit and kill anyone when it fell. I got it moved to the patio, and my husband was able to cut the grass.
  14. I am physically healthy.
  15. I got invited to a cook out this week with a friend I have not seen for a few weeks. It should be loads of fun.
  16. My tomato plants are doing really well and have blooms already. I do not usually plant seeds. I planted seeds this year, and lots of things are coming up in little green rows. My roses look better than they have ever looked.
  17. Both the washer and dryer work.
  18. My dishwasher works.
  19. I have hot running water and a comfortable bed and my refrigerator and stove work.
  20. I got a letter from Aunt Charlotte this week. She is over 90 and lives alone on a farm in Minnesota.
  21. Bible study books that I really wanted showed up in the mail this week. I started a study on Genesis with Nav Press.
  22. The dishes are caught up…pretty much.
  23. I had time, energy, funds and inclination to grocery shop today.
  24. I am thankful that I have this weekend off.
  25. I am thankful for a loving Father who hears and answers prayer even when I feel overwhelmed.



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