The Funny Thing About Beauty and the Beast


I finally made it to Beauty and the Beast tonight. First I attended a really fun backyard BBQ with work friends, and then I went to the late show. It was beautiful. It was glorious. It was grand. It far exceeded any expectations I had for it.

Here is the funny thing: I was the only person in the theater.

Okay, there is one more funny thing. It was so dark in there that as I walked down the aisle (I always like to sit in the first five rows.), I could hardly see. I had a beverage and a bag of corn. I could not find the cup holder. I thought I put the cup in the cup holder, but I missed and the cup ended up missing. Thankfully, there was no one there to see me feeling ridiculous. Eventually I had to climb on the floor in the dark behind the row because I thought the cup which I could not see had somehow ended up on the floor. Instead, all I could feel was the cold Diet Coke dripping from between the seats. Eventually I found the lidded cup upside down on top of the seat. I carefully extracted it and found a seat in another row.

Sometimes it is good to be the only one in the theater.


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