Seven Steps To An Organized Me


Okay, so I am reading the organizational book Very Attentively and taking notes. While daring to believe that I can somehow harness the paper mess that is fueled by inattention, denial, procrastination and sloth, the truth revealed is that the mess is in me.

Earlier this year, a plumbing problem meant that I did not have a washing machine or a laundry tub. Because I loathe sitting in laundromats, I had to make a change in my kitchen. I kept the dishes up to date constantly and kept a neurotically clean kitchen sink. I hand washed and rinsed my nurse scrubs and dried them in the dryer.

Before that time, dishes could sit around for two or three days. Suddenly, the sink had to be really clean because I did not want to get spaghetti grease on my working clothes. The funny thing is that although I am not currently as thorough as I was at that time, I started enjoying a cleaner kitchen sink, and it has not degenerated to its former state.

What am I behind on?

I am behind on things involving paper specifically (think retirement and health insurance receipts which I cannot even begin to understand) and on framing and hanging photos and on filing things and getting rid of filed things. I seem to have a fetish for old Cooking Light magazines. There is a huge stack of them hidden in my file cabinet which should have filed things. I have three checks that need to be cashed. It would be good and profitable to catch up.

The book has advised me to assign suffering and pain to the disorganized end of the continuum and pleasure and wonderfulness to the other end. This is a motivational tool. It shoots my state of denial to holy heck.

I am feeling the first world pain of a genuine Paper Sloth.

As you can see, I am only part of the way through the book.

I feel like this book is Draino for the yucky clog in my soul that keeps me from getting it together in this area of my life. I like it though. It is a fresh scent Draino. She is spending a lot time just convincing and persuading me that I want to do what I need to do. I like her. I would rather write her a thank you letter than actually take care of the mess, but eventually I will take care of the mess.

I highly recommend writing letters to people when you enjoy their books. I wrote a letter earlier this year to an author of a book about becoming a heart doc and the struggles involved in that in his life. Although he is a heart doc with a busy practice in New York, he sent me a hand written return note. I could not believe it.

I have to admit that as much fun as it is to get letters from authors, or pretty much anyone except for the jury duty or foreclosure folks, I really do eventually plan to organize my mess. Stay tuned, but do not hold your breath. Then, I can write a book about being a psych nurse and get letters from chronically disorganized paper freaks.


4 Responses to “Seven Steps To An Organized Me”

  1. Apple Hill Cottage Says:

    Oh this made me laugh! I had 5 years of old Cooking Light magazines that I was saving to go through and cut out the recipes I used a lot. Several years ago (Moving Makes You Cut the Clutter) I picked out the dog-eared issues, made one notebook out of a few recipes and recycled them all. It felt so good. And you know, I hardly ever use that notebook of recipes that I painstakingly cut out…. Just sayin’

    • thegreatfish Says:

      I know, but the alternative is just getting rid of them. I feel stuck in the “Save it because it might be useful mindset.” For instance, I used them today to make some rosemary chicken and potatoes. However, it is probably all on the internet now. Obviously, I have saving issues.

      • Apple Hill Cottage Says:

        I used to. and I still struggle with a few things, but mostly I’m in the pitch it mode. My husband is the saver, and it drives me crazy; i think he cured me. Although our dining room table currently has a lot of junk paper on it….

  2. thegreatfish Says:

    I need to enter the Pitch It Zone. 🙂

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