On Hold

All of my organizational plans were put on hold this week when my husband went for a doctor’s appointment, and they admitted him to the hospital. He opted for surgery which went well, but when he got back to his room, he tanked. A MRT was called and about ten people ran into the room to assist the RN in taking whatever would be the next necessary steps. It looked for all the world like a left sided stroke. A CT revealed no stroke damage whatsoever. Turns out they are calling it Transient Global Amnesia.

It was a stressful week. I am thankful that my husband is home and recovering and okay.

I found that one way that I deal with stress is to clean and organize things. This tendency was quite helpful. I still have a lot to do. A Lot To Do.

God is very, very good to us.

Good night.


2 Responses to “On Hold”

  1. Transit Address Says:

    You’re going through so many things. Hope the weekend turns out to be good for you

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