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Escaping The Daily Grind

August 10, 2017

bike travel

Fun times. We are planning a trip involving flying, renting a car, staying in an Airbnb, eating out, and visiting people. My husband really wants to see people. I really want to do things. I am hoping some of the people will want to come along to do things. This will be an interesting juxtaposition of expectations. I have decided to have a fun time doing things like kayaking and biking and walking cool trails no matter who shows up. I guess I need a plan. I am willing to do things alone if no one else wants to do what I want to do. My husband, on the other hand, has no expectation of doing anything but visiting people.

I would also like to visit some interesting coffee places or hang out with friends or read books or buy books (always a plus) or hang out at book stores that sell coffee. It will only be for four days, but they will be great days.

Starting Over

August 7, 2017

starting over

I had this great idea for being consistent, keeping track of calories, and regular weigh-ins etc. It worked until I had to work five 12 hour night shifts in six nights.

Yep, that kind of shot it all to heck. I am going to have to start over again.

After that, I was exhausted.

It is tougher to lose weight when you work the night shift, but it is not impossible.

I am starting over tomorrow. Sadly, I wanted to do walking and running. The skies in Boise are filled with smoke from forest fires, mostly fires from British Columbia and Washington, but now, also fires from Idaho. I have a gym membership. I am loathe to use it. Gyms are for wintertime and evidently, smoke season, I guess. I prefer to be outside.

The good news was that I was losing weight right away, just by eating like a normal person would. I have done a lot of emotional eating to put on the eighty pounds which I need to lose.

I think that the main problem for me with weight loss and exercise is that life gets in the way. If I do not keep getting up when I fail, I will never get to where I want to be. I am guessing that I am going to fall a lot, and success hinges not on being perfect, but on continuing to get back up and start over.

I am working on that emotional element as well, and seeing a counselor recommended by my pastor. She has been amazing.

And I am grateful.


losing weight

July 24, 2017

waterfront in vancouverFor months I have been struggling with the log jam of three ambitions including returning for my BSN, losing weight, and household organization. One of my more awesome sister in laws suggested that I should just choose one instead of all three. After she said this, I spent a day white water rafting with strangers. It was beautiful, thrilling, exhausting and I had some time to think about what she said.

I decided on my one thing. It is losing weight. I decided to forget about the fabulously successful Weight Watchers because my work schedule means I can never get there. I am doing Livestrong online instead. I have to say that I really believe that this is working for me. The stuff they send (for free) is amazingly helpful.

All for now. I had a great time in British Columbia on my vacation.

On Hold

June 30, 2017

All of my organizational plans were put on hold this week when my husband went for a doctor’s appointment, and they admitted him to the hospital. He opted for surgery which went well, but when he got back to his room, he tanked. A MRT was called and about ten people ran into the room to assist the RN in taking whatever would be the next necessary steps. It looked for all the world like a left sided stroke. A CT revealed no stroke damage whatsoever. Turns out they are calling it Transient Global Amnesia.

It was a stressful week. I am thankful that my husband is home and recovering and okay.

I found that one way that I deal with stress is to clean and organize things. This tendency was quite helpful. I still have a lot to do. A Lot To Do.

God is very, very good to us.

Good night.

moving forward

June 21, 2017


So today I took everything off the counter where it has been stacked for months and spread it all out on the dining room table in just one level.

I got two things done.

One, I renewed my RN license before it would have cost me an extra $35.

Two, I can see what I need to do without feeling immediately overwhelmed.

I plan to actually get it all done in the next week or two.

And put together a system so this does not happen to me again anytime soon.


Seven Steps To An Organized Me

June 20, 2017


Okay, so I am reading the organizational book Very Attentively and taking notes. While daring to believe that I can somehow harness the paper mess that is fueled by inattention, denial, procrastination and sloth, the truth revealed is that the mess is in me.

Earlier this year, a plumbing problem meant that I did not have a washing machine or a laundry tub. Because I loathe sitting in laundromats, I had to make a change in my kitchen. I kept the dishes up to date constantly and kept a neurotically clean kitchen sink. I hand washed and rinsed my nurse scrubs and dried them in the dryer.

Before that time, dishes could sit around for two or three days. Suddenly, the sink had to be really clean because I did not want to get spaghetti grease on my working clothes. The funny thing is that although I am not currently as thorough as I was at that time, I started enjoying a cleaner kitchen sink, and it has not degenerated to its former state.

What am I behind on?

I am behind on things involving paper specifically (think retirement and health insurance receipts which I cannot even begin to understand) and on framing and hanging photos and on filing things and getting rid of filed things. I seem to have a fetish for old Cooking Light magazines. There is a huge stack of them hidden in my file cabinet which should have filed things. I have three checks that need to be cashed. It would be good and profitable to catch up.

The book has advised me to assign suffering and pain to the disorganized end of the continuum and pleasure and wonderfulness to the other end. This is a motivational tool. It shoots my state of denial to holy heck.

I am feeling the first world pain of a genuine Paper Sloth.

As you can see, I am only part of the way through the book.

I feel like this book is Draino for the yucky clog in my soul that keeps me from getting it together in this area of my life. I like it though. It is a fresh scent Draino. She is spending a lot time just convincing and persuading me that I want to do what I need to do. I like her. I would rather write her a thank you letter than actually take care of the mess, but eventually I will take care of the mess.

I highly recommend writing letters to people when you enjoy their books. I wrote a letter earlier this year to an author of a book about becoming a heart doc and the struggles involved in that in his life. Although he is a heart doc with a busy practice in New York, he sent me a hand written return note. I could not believe it.

I have to admit that as much fun as it is to get letters from authors, or pretty much anyone except for the jury duty or foreclosure folks, I really do eventually plan to organize my mess. Stay tuned, but do not hold your breath. Then, I can write a book about being a psych nurse and get letters from chronically disorganized paper freaks.

Disorganization Part #77

June 16, 2017

super book

Everything is still disorganized.

Just like previously.

Because it worked so well before (NOT), I bought another book on bringing some sort of organization to my life.

When I have read it, I will give you a review. Do not die holding your breath in anticipation.

The Funny Thing About Beauty and the Beast

June 15, 2017


I finally made it to Beauty and the Beast tonight. First I attended a really fun backyard BBQ with work friends, and then I went to the late show. It was beautiful. It was glorious. It was grand. It far exceeded any expectations I had for it.

Here is the funny thing: I was the only person in the theater.

Okay, there is one more funny thing. It was so dark in there that as I walked down the aisle (I always like to sit in the first five rows.), I could hardly see. I had a beverage and a bag of corn. I could not find the cup holder. I thought I put the cup in the cup holder, but I missed and the cup ended up missing. Thankfully, there was no one there to see me feeling ridiculous. Eventually I had to climb on the floor in the dark behind the row because I thought the cup which I could not see had somehow ended up on the floor. Instead, all I could feel was the cold Diet Coke dripping from between the seats. Eventually I found the lidded cup upside down on top of the seat. I carefully extracted it and found a seat in another row.

Sometimes it is good to be the only one in the theater.

Still Recovering

June 12, 2017

rainy day

Today I went on a walk and had time to think. I try not to take a phone on a walk unless the purpose of the walk is a phone call.  I was feeling tired, heavy inside and overwhelmed. It was raining, so I had my big ancient blue silky umbrella with a wooden handle. The umbrella felt like an old friend that I had ignored for far too long.

There is something therapeutic about walking in the rain with your favorite umbrella and thinking.

I am doing much better.

worth mentioning

June 11, 2017

never too late

I saw this on a face book post. It is in the home of a a creative director for face book, Rachel Gogel. I just wanted to point out the sign which struck me as incredibly encouraging since I graduated from college late. And I need to go back and get another degree, but I am admittedly dragging my feet this time.