Best Case Scenario For a Day Off

May 29, 2017
  1. time-fliesFirst of all, I get to sleep in until I wake up with no alarm and no noise from the neighbors. The tea is black and hot with half and half and a teaspoon of sugar. I have my favorite Bible.
  2. There is no scheduled activity anywhere in the day. No guilt.
  3. The weather is conducive to outdoor activity. It can even be rainy, as long as I can get out. I have comfortable walking shoes.
  4. I am in possession of books that I want to read, not books that I must read.
  5. I have a bath bomb from Lush, a clean tub and a CD of the ocean.
  6. I am able to walk for miles and meditate on a favorite verse.
  7. I have time to regroup, plan and organize if I want. Of course, this also means ordering books online not from the tub, of course, and I have a discount coupon.

Working On It

May 29, 2017

So, I didn’t go three miles. I went one mile. cow smile

This Year’s Theme

May 25, 2017

steep hillIf I had to hazard a guess about what I have been writing about the most this year, it is probably having less stuff or losing weight/getting in shape.

The actual truth is that I am better at making lists and reading books about these things than I am about actually doing them.

However, during my last trip to Portland, I could not keep up with the Abbigator when she rented bikes for us to ride around the park. A few times I simply got stuck behind really slow people and lost momentum at key points. A few other times I honestly just couldn’t keep up.

Excuses include being horribly overweight, out of shape and getting older. None of those are good excuses. And by the way, getting old is not synonymous with dying tomorrow.

I promised her, not that she asked, but I was promising myself, that before we go on a trip together in July that I will be in shape. In shape meaning I will be able to keep up hiking and on bike rides. I wish in shape meant discarding all of this extra weight quickly, but I can’t do that by July.

I have been vigorously walking long distances (about six miles a day) and taking in a big hill once a day. I can get up the dirt hill from the Anniversary Inn to Crescent Rim Drive in 99 steps without stopping now. It is reasonably steep.

One problem with working nights is that I cannot do some big workout and then expect to possess the energy to stay away from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. doing nursing stuff. My coworkers (all the guys anyway) told me to exercise after the shift, but before going to sleep.

At first, I could not consider this mentally. I decided to get a grip because I only have so much time. If I don’t exercise on the days I work, then I will not be able to get in shape. At first, I just took about a mile walk after work, but before going to sleep.

This week I am going to step it up to a three mile walk. That is tomorrow morning.

The guys in the book I reviewed said to always be increasing goals in working out. This is the next step up.

Mental Illness and Other Stuff

May 24, 2017

I haven’t written much lately. We didn’t have internet access at our house for about a month. I went to a local Starbucks to read my email and do necessary stuff. I didn’t feel like staying longer to blog.

Without the internet, and also since we dropped our cable, which did not return when we reinstated the internet, I started reading more books. Some were worthwhile. Some not so much.

I will spare you a recap of all of the books.  I am fast forwarding to what I am enjoying lately.

My current books are Minimalism – live a meaningful life by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemua, Furiously Happy – A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson, and Colossians and Philemon from the NavPress Life Change Series.

mnimalismI first encountered Minimalism in a Netflix special by the same name. I was intrigued enough by what they had to say that I ordered the book , used, of course, you know me. Since it is fairly in demand, I had to be patient. Thank you, Thrift Books.

Minimalism explores the transformation of the lives of two men who left their six figures corporate lives to pursue meaningful lives by discovering minimalism which allowed them to eliminate life’s excess and focus on the essential aspects of life. I stole those words from the book jacket because they are concise and to the point. The book is a lot better than that. You will have to trust me when I say that it is worth reading. If you have caught the show on Netflix, it is much different than the show which chronicles their lives. The books examines the five general areas of a person’s life which can be changed and improved with minimalism. Minimalism is kind of trendy right now, i.e. Leo Baubata of Zen Habits, and the kazillion books out on having less stuff like Marie Kondo. I think the reason it is trendy is that we are all sick of all of our stuff.

furiously happyMoving on. The next book I am reading, usually at night right before I fall off to sleep is Furiously Happy. This is a book written by a woman who is mentally ill. It is one of the funniest books which I have ever, ever read. Warning: it is profanely funny. I decided to overlook that and read it anyway because it is one of the only books that my psych patients have ever recommended to me that cheered them up. I am not going to ruin the book by telling you anything else about it. I will say that if you have a friend who has recently been diagnosed with mental illness and hospitalized that I would recommend that you visit them and take a copy of this book with you. I can’t give it a higher recommendation than that.

colossiansNumber three. Colossians and Philemon has been one of the best Christian books which I have read and studied in a while. I took it with me on a recent trip to Portland and spent a lot of my free time studying it there at the Rain or Shine Coffee Shop. The best thing I can say about the book is that it has stirred up a hunger in me to study the Word of God in a more intense way. Of course, that could be God working in my life and He just happened to use this book, but then again, maybe the book is really good also. No matter. I feel more alive and focused spiritually than I have been in a while. The best thing I can say about the Rain or Shine Coffee Shop is everything. Great coffee, great aesthetics, great service.

Lately I have been called upon in different venues to explain why human life has value. When I am asked this, I give an illustration about Jesus and real estate.

Many years ago, I was called to jury duty in a civil case. Our job was to decide the value of a condemned building which had been destroyed previous to the trial.

A building is worth, in simplest terms, what someone will pay for it.

If someone will pay only $10,000, then that is what it is worth. If they pay $1,000,000 for a shack on the side of a hill which might fall into the ocean, then that is what it is worth.

When Jesus died on Calvary, the value of human life was determined. Christ, the spotless Lamb of God, was of infinite value and worth. He gave his life for yours, for mine, for each of us.

Your value as a human being was decided at Calvary. Once and done. He decided your value.

That is why you can go on living when every person or circumstance in your life is telling you that you are worthless. In the eyes of God, you are a person of worth and value. No experience or encounter or assessment will ever change that. It is not based on your accomplishments or achievements or your lack of the same. It is the same for each human being, Christian or not. Jesus died for all.

Infinite value.  Grace decides.

That is all.


A Day Off

April 2, 2017

So I went back to sleep and slept another eight hours. I woke up just in time to miss church. However, I feel like a person again. Two more nights and I get some time off.

working nights

April 2, 2017


So, I got one day off. I woke up for a little while and got to see my grandson for a bit. Made some lunch. Went back to sleep and woke up at 6:45 p.m. Too late to go out to eat as my husband eats at 6:00 p.m. Too late to go to a movie. So I just hung out and we watched TV, but I must have fallen asleep again. Now my days and nights are totally mixed up and I am scheduled to work two more nights.

I started running again, and that was the one thing I was supposed to get done today, on my one day off. I did not get it done. I feel like I missed the day, and I feel like I failed. On top of that, I may need a little more sleep.



April 1, 2017

And so, I am working five 12 hour night shifts in 6 days.

In the  middle of that, our basement flooded.

Eventually, I will write again.


Thinking About Food

March 29, 2017

used shoes

I have a friend who has a degree in Food Science. While talking to her last night about the food movies in my Netflix queue, I decided to delete Food Inc. She said if it was going to upset me too much, then maybe I should not watch it. She said she has seen only portions of it.  I said that I thought it would make me too upset about things that I cannot do anything about.

When talking about food purity, she said that she would much rather see a person who eats junk food, but is physically active than a person who eats only ‘pure’ food, but leads a sedentary life. I love her perspective. She is kind of a food executive and oversees the diet of thousands of people.

That leads me to my other thought: I have started running again. I found this amazing guide on Popsugar that will ease me back into BEING A RUNNER in eight weeks. I am happier than I have been in weeks. It is doable and leads me where I want to go.

I am not exactly brave about making this change. I walk out of my neighborhood and run where my neighbors cannot see me.

Two books that are helping me navigate the mental part of getting healthy again are No Need for Speed – A Beginner’s Guide to the Joy of Running by John Bingham and Why We Eat More Than We Think – Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink. I highly recommend them.

Another Amazing Movie

March 28, 2017


A coworker of mine sent me a recipe this week and also a list of movie recommendations. They are all healthy food oriented. I reluctantly added them to my Netflix list.

Last night I watched the first one. It was amazing. If you have Netflix, you must see it. It is Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead.

My thought was that the guys in the movie were hopeless or weird. It turns out, not so much.

I am also reading a number of books on exercise and eating at this time.

Soon I will be starting a program at the hospital where I work which is sponsored by an insurance company on eating healthier. I guess I will keep you updated.

Oh Kentucky

March 27, 2017

jp basketball

It was reminiscent of watching Larry Bird vs Magic Johnson in 1979. I am so sorry Kentucky. You deserved to win the NCAA.

I am doing the only mature, adult, intelligent thing in response to this disappointment. I am watching The Lost World: Jurassic Park for the umpteenth time. Strange comfort, I know.

I started watching the Jurassic Park movies one semester when I was taking Ethics on line and Medical Terminology in person with the one of the world’s worst instructors. (Top Ten List). Every week we had to do pages and pages of repetitive homework. He made what could have been an utterly fascinating class into something worthless. At any rate, while completing the homework I just kept listening to the DVDs over and over each week, pretty much for an entire semester.

For some reason, I default to JP movies when I feel disappointed. Maybe their giant problems involving death and gore always make me feel that whatever I am experiencing is pretty petty although my life is real and the movies are just Hollywood.

I am that shallow.