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Bad Decision

June 2, 2017

bikeDid I ever tell you that I worked in  a Traumatic Brain Injury Unit for over two years? It made me dictatorial about bike and motorcycle helmets. If I saw a biker at a stoplight with no helmet, I would roll down my car window and confront them.

Not many people that you know confront stranger bikers when they are stuck in traffic.

Today I was going bike riding and got about half a block down the street when I remembered that I did not have a helmet on, just a baseball cap. I was in a hurry so I didn’t go back. After all, I reasoned, I never wreck on my bike. Just once will not matter.

I went on a long ride, quite safely, until I got within a few blocks of home. I was making a turn and also going up an incline from the street to the sidewalk and lost my balance. I tumbled right over and landed on one elbow, one knee and the side of my head bounced on the concrete.

A kind man in a pickup truck stopped and assisted me in picking up all of the things that fell out of my bike basket and into the street. He told me that his wife had fallen recently and had torn her ACL, so he waited to see that I was able to get up and get out of the street before he left.

When I got home, nothing was broken. My head is sore, my elbow was scraped but not really bleeding and my pants did not even get a hole in them. I am really grateful; it could have turned out much differently.

I am going back to being a safety dictator, but I will be starting with my own behavior.