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Book Review

June 1, 2017

used shoesMy latest completed book is No Need For Speed by John Bingham from Runner’s World magazine. For those who hate running, I promise a riddle that has nothing to do with running at the end.

The subtitle is A Beginner’s Guide to the Joy of Running.

Mr. Bingham’s nickname is The Penguin because his body is really not suited for running. This tends to make his running book be better for people like me who are never, ever going to place first in a race. (However, I placed first in my age group once in a fundraiser 5K at Veteran’s Park. I think that there were only two of us, and I wanted it more.)

At the risk of sounding like a fifth grade book report, I really like this book because…

it is all about enjoying running without the pressure of trying to achieve Olympic status.

To save time for you and me, I am just going to type out two of my favorite quotes.

“Whose voice do you hear inside your head? Whose voice narrates the tapes? Who is it that’s the spokesperson for your soul?”

This is kind of an entertaining concept. I have to admit, however, that no matter who narrates my soul, I don’t seem to run any faster.

At any rate, Bingham’s book is funny and encouraging. Here is another quote I like:

“After exhaustive research, I have finally reached the conclusion that runners’ bodies come in three distinct shapes: 1) better than mine, 2) much better than mine, or 3) better than mine will ever be.”

End of book report.

I worked last night, and I made up a riddle. I only slept until noon today because I had a lot of stuff I wanted to do. I can’t really remember the riddle. It went something like this.

What do you call a psych nurse who likes to work nights and enjoys drawing blood?

A vampire nurse.  Bwa ha ha!




This Year’s Theme

May 25, 2017

steep hillIf I had to hazard a guess about what I have been writing about the most this year, it is probably having less stuff or losing weight/getting in shape.

The actual truth is that I am better at making lists and reading books about these things than I am about actually doing them.

However, during my last trip to Portland, I could not keep up with the Abbigator when she rented bikes for us to ride around the park. A few times I simply got stuck behind really slow people and lost momentum at key points. A few other times I honestly just couldn’t keep up.

Excuses include being horribly overweight, out of shape and getting older. None of those are good excuses. And by the way, getting old is not synonymous with dying tomorrow.

I promised her, not that she asked, but I was promising myself, that before we go on a trip together in July that I will be in shape. In shape meaning I will be able to keep up hiking and on bike rides. I wish in shape meant discarding all of this extra weight quickly, but I can’t do that by July.

I have been vigorously walking long distances (about six miles a day) and taking in a big hill once a day. I can get up the dirt hill from the Anniversary Inn to Crescent Rim Drive in 99 steps without stopping now. It is reasonably steep.

One problem with working nights is that I cannot do some big workout and then expect to possess the energy to stay away from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. doing nursing stuff. My coworkers (all the guys anyway) told me to exercise after the shift, but before going to sleep.

At first, I could not consider this mentally. I decided to get a grip because I only have so much time. If I don’t exercise on the days I work, then I will not be able to get in shape. At first, I just took about a mile walk after work, but before going to sleep.

This week I am going to step it up to a three mile walk. That is tomorrow morning.

The guys in the book I reviewed said to always be increasing goals in working out. This is the next step up.